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Automatic demounting ton bag
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一, Technical characteristics
1. The ton bag packaging machine with advanced equipment technology, durable, less wearing parts is made up of various characteristics of the various materials of the needles and different requirements of the manufacturers, customized and designed.
2. The packaging speed and feeding speed of the ton packaging machine are adjustable, the equipment is stable, the packaging accuracy is high, and the speed is fast.
3, Programmable electronic control system, the control process is highly reliable.
4, Advanced dust and dust design, reduce dust pollution in the working environment.
5. Weighing system is an electronic weighing platform scale measurement. It adopts full board digital calibration and parameter setting. It has functions of weight shows and automatic peeling, automatic correction, automatic falling-correction and other functions, with high sensitivity and strong anti-interference ability.
6, The instrument is equipped with a communication interface, easy to operate in networking, and can control in real-time protection of the packaging machine and network management.
二, Technical parameters.