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Powder packing scale (single scale)
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It is widely used in the kinds of powdery materials automatic quantitative packaging of grain, food, medicine, chemical, fertilizer, building materials, feed, environmental protection, mineral products and others.
1. The contact part with the material is made of stainless steel materials, which has strong corrosion resistance, high sanitary standards and long use life.
2.Unique materials inlet design, dual-cylinder drive, adjustable materials inlet, adapting to different materials, ensuring high-speed and high-precision requirements. Easy to clean and maintain, low transmission parts have low breakdown rate.
3.directly bagging weighing, suitable for large weight, rapid weight measurement and packaging.
4.10 kinds of different package weights are pre-stored to meet the requirements of multiple measuring packaging, and the recipes can be easily and quickly recalled.
5.Select high-quality imported and domestic electrical devices and pneumatic components to ensure stable and reliable operation of the equipment. According to the characteristics of the material, dust cover and dust removal device can be added.
6,Conventionally used for 25kg-50kg weight measurement and packaging, variable frequency motor driven and multi-feeding methods, high feeding accuracy, meet a variety of industrial materials measurement and packaging.
三、Technical parameters: