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Classification centralized ingredient production line
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一,Description: Automatic measuring and batching control system, also known as automatic batching production line system. It is usually composed of an automatic batching electrical control system and a controlled feeding device (equipment) and monitoring system. Compared with artificial ingredients, it can not only save a lot of labor costs, labor intensity, reduce the harm to the human body in the production, but also improve the stability, accuracy and efficiency of the end product. For the production of enterprises bring huge benefits. For different material ingredients, you need to customize the design of the corresponding control system. Zhongkekezheng provides many companies with automated measuring and batching equipment for production lines, system solutions, and made-to-order solutions for your production line. Automatic batching production line system is widely used in cement, steel, glass, coal, pharmaceutical, feed, building materials, plastics, rubber, compound fertilizer, brick, food and many other industries. The batching mode is static batching mode, dynamic batching mode and dynamic and static combination mode. For different industries and different batching process requirements, the batching system selection must be designed and selected according to the production process requirements.
1.Static batching mode: Suitable for on-site requirements without continuous batching, Batching can be carried out in batches, and there is a certain time interval between batches. These sites do not require high time for ingredients, and the composition ratio of single batch is strictly required. The proportion of materials is relatively fixed according to the process requirements for a period of time. Each batch of materials consists of multiple materials, and the dynamic compounding accuracy is much higher.
2. Dynamic batching mode: The dynamic batching mode is suitable for continuous batching requirements on-site, and the on-site requirements on the continuity of batching ingredients are relatively high. Intermediate batching is generally not allowed to stop, and the proportioning requirements for various materials are relatively strict. Dynamic batching system measurement generally uses electronic belt scale or nuclear scale as measuring equipment. The host has PID adjustment alarm function, which can realize automatic control. The batching scale informs the control host through the field bus.
3. Dynamic and static combination mode: Some industries have special process requirements in the ingredients, and require dynamic and static combination mode ingredients to achieve the final process requirements. According to the requirements of the batching process, a parallel method can be adopted in the control flow, which can satisfy the high-precision micro-ingredients and satisfy the continuous large proportion of the material batches, so the batching time can be saved, and the requirements of the batching speed and the batching accuracy can be satisfied.
To achieve high efficiency, precision, environmental protection, adapt to the environmental temperature, toxic gases, dust and other direct hazards to the artificial on-site operation, According to the process of the ingredients, the number of materials, the characteristics of the materials, the hourly output, the batch speed, the batching accuracy, the environment, the site, and the input are all considered by us. We will combine the site and design a complete and economical reliable technical solutions until the realization of the product. The batching system is controlled by the central centralized control system. The automatic control of each process requires no manual intervention. It has multiple failure alarm detection functions, and can remotely monitor the entire equipment working process without the need for personnel to be on site.
The production line is widely used in various types of materials and various industries of automatic combined batching packaging production line, suitable for automatic weighing and weighing of different materials, powdery materials, granular materials, irregular materials, add liquid ingredients in the mixing process; only artificial put more than 2 kinds of materials below 30 kinds into each silo, you can also add automatic feeding equipment to automatically transport the materials to the corresponding silos. The computer control system automatically delivers various materials according to a preset proportion. In the weighing system, the weighing system will be added automatically according to the proportion of each material. After each batch of ingredients is completed, the bucket elevator automatically refers the materials to the mixer for mixing. After the mixing, it is discharged automatically and then the bucket type The lifter refers to the supply and packaging system in the storage bin for automatic quantitative packaging. 
二, the characteristics: monitoring functions: the instantaneous flow of the belt weighing process ingredients, daily cumulative, monthly cumulative, annual cumulative parameters such as detection and monitoring;
2.1, screen display: Through the computer monitor can display the operating parameters of the control parameters in the process of ingredients, as well as display real-time ingredients curve and form;
2.2, print management: can print the ingredients report at any time, in order to save and inquire.
2.3 Data processing: The batching system can automatically perform arithmetic processing on the collected signals and output them to the corresponding control volume;
2.4 Communication function: Bidirectional data and information exchange can be performed between IPC and PLC and instrument;
2.5, Control function: According to the corresponding set value before operation, automatic control of the normal operation of equipment, including PID regulation;
2.6、Alarm function: The host computer alarms the abnormality of various parameters or equipment status by screen mode and acousto-optic signal mode.
2.7, high precision: new sensor, more scientific scale frame structure, the use of high-precision AD conversion module, the system design concept has effectively improved the overall measurement accuracy of the system.
2.8. High reliability: The high degree of integration and simplicity of the circuit greatly reduces the system's failure rate, reduces the amount of maintenance, and shortens the time of failure.
2.9、Intelligent: The system design adopts more new ideas, new technologies, and functions of the system to be further improved. Information sharing with the management information system and laboratory system can provide a variety of statistical data for management and automatic proportioning of ingredients,quantity, etc. are optimized to achieve intelligent ingredients.
3.0. Distributed: The intelligent weighing and dosing unit has been widely adopted. The measurement and control functions of the on-site unit have been gradually improved to form a distributed structural system. The reliability of the system has been greatly improved, and the computer has also undergone heavy measurement. Freed from control, the focus was on data processing and ingredient optimization. 
三,  the advantages of automatic ingredients:
3.1, according to a predetermined program for automatic quantitative feeding, high measurement accuracy, high efficiency, good consistency;
3.2, according to the ingredients process requirements to achieve regular quantitative automatic feeding;
3.3, artificial feeding materials can be scanned bar code feeding, anti-error system, and the ingredients can be set in the process of feeding sequence;
3.4, can be preset a variety of formula storage, no need to re-set the formula, very easy to retrieve;
3.5 Adapting to harsh environment (high temperature, toxic gas, dust) and no-personnel automatic operation;
3.6, recipes can be classified into confidentiality, and password management can be implemented;
3.7, can achieve formula printing function, historical data records available;
3.8. Access to the equipment before and after batching of the entire production line can realize automatic control and remote control.
3.9. The configuration and requirements of the production line can be designed according to the process requirements.
四、Technical parameters::
Main  1–8   granular,powdery ,mixed Others
Minor  1–10  granular,powdery ,mixed According to the material characteristics and process requirements, the equipment structure, height, and floor area are determined, and according to the requirements, the batching speed, accuracy and control system requirements are determined.
Liquid 1–3 water,oil,liquid.mixed
Quantity of ingredients 0.5 - 50ton/h Speed 15-20per/h accuracy 0.2% 
Voltage/power  AC: 380V ±10% / 50Hz  power:5-20KW  Air power 0.6Mpa  Determine power consumption based on the configuration and output of the entire line of equipment