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Food Vacuum Packaging How to Solve
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Food vacuum packaging up bag how to solve it? The problem of rising bags in packaging bags is a problem that food companies often encounter. In this regard, fully automatic bag packaging machine manufacturers have deep understanding. In general, the rise in food bag inflation is mainly due to the fact that bacterial growth often produces gas. Let's take a look at the solution.
The solution is as follows:
1. Control raw material initial microorganisms. As far as possible, the level of raw material pollution is minimized, raw materials are carefully selected, and the principle of contaminating and deteriorating is used to prevent deterioration of the product due to excessive residual microorganisms, and the occurrence of bagging.
2. Improve the quality of staff, establish a comprehensive quality management system, actively implement quality control activities, and give full play to the staff's subjective initiative.
3. Control the raw materials of each processing step, and the processing steps should be closely coordinated. The shorter the time of transfer and connection, the better, and the processing time, processing temperature and pickling time should have the operation specification to ensure the product is qualified, and on the other hand, the product is cleaned and disinfected. The time taken to make semi-finished products should be as short as possible to reduce microbial contamination.
4. Ensure that the vacuum seal can promptly sterilize to ensure the product is sterilized promptly after vacuum sealing, to facilitate the smooth flow of logistics, strictly abide by the operating sequence of the sterilization process, improve the operator's control, maintenance, and quality inspection skills to prevent secondary pollution caused by waste products. Regular inspection of the operation of the sterilizer indicates that sterilizers with functional problems should be discarded.
5. Check the sterilization time and temperature sterilization time is not enough, the temperature is not up to standard and the temperature is not uniform, easy to microbial residues, breeding. Microorganisms can decompose the organic matter of foods and produce gases such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. When there is a gas in a vacuum bag, there is a problem of bag growth. Nowadays, most of the rising bags in the food industry are related to the uneven temperature of sterilization. Therefore, before processing and production, it is necessary to check whether the temperature meets the standard and always check the thermometer. The sterilization process must be controlled for a good period of time. It is necessary to improve the quality of the staff and not to artificially shorten the sterilization time in order to increase work efficiency. Improper sterilization temperature requires changing the method of use of the equipment or modifying the equipment.