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Trend of Automatic PackagingMachine
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With the rapid development of the machinery of major brands at home and abroad, what is the potential of our standard fully automatic packaging machine? What are the future trends of the domestic market for standard automatic packaging machines? Let's take a look.
The data is flashing, through the digital factory plan, can reduce the time to market at least 30%; By optimizing the quality of the program, you can reduce manufacturing costs by 13%. The workshop uses CNC machine tools, automation technology, intelligent equipment, and automatic identification technology to complete the automatic control of production equipment, digitally collect, store, communicate, and process the data that occurs during the production process, and then arrive at the policy of increasing production power.
The standard automatic packaging was discussed from various aspects including the development of international standard automatic packaging machines, the policy environment and development of domestic standard automatic packaging machines, development trends, import and export status, key production companies, existing problems and countermeasures. The launch of the shopping malls, and on this basis, made scientific guesses about the prospects of the standard full-automatic packaging machines. After all, the potential of the standard full-automatic packaging machines was analyzed.         

 The process of intelligent manufacturing is the integration of information and automation, where MES plays a leading role. The MES system is a production information processing system oriented to the manufacturing company's shop floor performance layer. It is the connection between the upper layer processing information system and the grassroots automation system. In the “smart factory”, manufacturing task orders and some job instructions are issued through the information network. The mechanical equipment of each post is operated by the MES. At present, the companies that make MES system software in China mainly include BenQ Zhulu, Baosight Software, Yingxiu Yingke, Jiashang Technology, Goreli Software, Zhejiang Zhongguan, Heli Shi, and Lan Guangli. The digital factory approach will also catch the cusp of new innovations.