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Congratulations on the Successful Acceptance !
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     On July 16th, Gongyi Branch of Qianjin chemical Co., Ltd. manager He and the head general manager Wang came to our company to inspect and accept the automatic loading and unloading system equipment of the emulsion explosives, and gave the high evaluation to the first automatic loading system of the civil explosive industry of our company. Qianjin Chemical Co., Ltd. is a domestic enterprise in the civil explosion industry. The success of this cooperation symbolizes that our company has further development in the field of emulsion explosives automatic loading industry, and it also marks that our company has risen a new starting-point in the field of civil explosive loading systems. Anhui Zhongkekezheng Co., Ltd. will strive to realize the automation of the enterprise and promote the harmonious development of the enterprise along the realization of the future industry and promote the core values of the industry 4.0.