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Robot palletizing production line
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Stacking line application range:
It is widely used for pallets of various types of bags and boxes. It is convenient and flexible, and has a wide range of adaptability. It can be used with multiple movable lines and is simple in structure. It is equipped with different manipulators (fixtures and fixtures) to complete the corresponding work. According to the different shapes of the robots, the palletizing can be carried out with the characteristics of strong changeability, wide application, etc. At present, it is adopted by many industries.
Uses: Automatic palletizing for food, feed, chemical fertilizers, construction materials, chemical raw materials and other industries. Automatic sorting of bags from 5Kg to 60Kg, paper-plastic composite bags, cloth bags and kraft paper bags. (Arrangement) and the number of pallets, supporting the automatic tray system and delivery, only the forklift will remove the tray.


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