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China's industry has entered the development phase of the “Industry 4.0 era” in Germany and responded to the national implementation of “2025” in the era of automation, informatization, and networking. All provinces (regions) have industrial and manufacturing industries that have introduced industrial policy support funds to encourage Enterprises with independent innovation, joint innovation, new materials, new processes, new technologies, transformation of large-scale production lines, environmental protection, energy, automation, information, and network development are giving enterprises more preferential policies and incentive funds. Anhui Keke Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. can rely on the platform of the relevant institute (institute) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to conduct multi-directional cooperation with new materials, new processes, environmental protection, energy, automation, informatization, and networked enterprises to solve new technologies, The bottleneck of the new process and intelligent production line, utilizing the advanced technology and technology of the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Hefei Institute of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the advantages of technology and technology in the direction of the robotic equipment, and breaking through the key technologies, equipment, and testing in the production process of new materials. Technology forms a close cooperation mechanism between industry, universities, and research institutes, and builds an innovative chain of close cooperation between production, learning, and research. It establishes one or two key new materials, new energy sources, new technologies, and enterprises to establish unmanned operation automation in each province (city). , Informatization, networked equipment and application production demonstration lines. Providing perfect technical solutions and products, at the same time, enterprises can jointly obtain national-level projects, provincial- and municipal-level projects, and obtain support funds for local industrial policies through cooperation with scientific research institutes.
First, Project application conditions:
(1) Comply with national and local related industry (industry) policies;
(2) The company timely grasps the application time of local relevant departments (Technology (Office) Bureau, Economic and Information Committee, Development and Reform Commission, etc.)
(3) Do a good job of submitting information for the filing of the declaration project and the filing of the application form documents.
Second, the project division of labor:
(1) The enterprise is responsible for project declaration and submission of information;
(2) The research institute (institute) is responsible for investigating scientific and technical issues, system layout, system design, simulation and optimization, optimization of sensing detection technologies and control algorithms, scientific planning, and other technical analysis and feasibility reports involved in the project and industry. Project declaration form.