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On December 13, Anhui Zhongkekezheng Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. organized a new product appraisal meeting in Hefei. The "Discontinuous Weighing Automatic Batching System" was identified by the experts of the Science and Technology Bureau, experts of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, experts of the University of Science and Technology of China, and the Provincial Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision.

On December 10, the company obtained 12 utility model patent certificates.

On November 29,Anhui Zhongkekezheng Automation Engineering Co., Ltd.obtained GB/T19001-2016&ISO9001:2015 certificates of registration.

On October 13,the software copyrights of Kezheng Automatic Batching System V1.0 and Kezheng automatic packing machine set V1.0 certificates were issued by Anhui Software Testing Center.

On July 13,the SIPO authorizes the software copyrights Kezheng Automatic Batching System and Kezheng automatic packing machine set. 

On July 4, Gansu Yinxiyuan Building Material Co., Ltd.signed a contract about the new polymer production line with annual production of 100,000 tons ,including automatic batching, packaging, palletizing system projects, and also signed a tripartite joint project declaration.The project costs 2.3 million but it can apply for project funds 12 million.

On May 23, “Kezheng Robot Control System V1.0” and Kezheng Automation Batching Control System V1.0 were tested by Anhui Software Testing Center and obtained a software product registration test report.

On May 8, Shihlien Chemical Industrial Jiangsu Co. signed a contract about salt production line and packaging project.

On March 30, the contract of the fully automatic production line of ceramsite was signed. And signed a tripartite joint declaration project. The project costs 2.7 million but it can apply for project funds 10 million.

On February 28, two branches were established and southwest and northwest (branches) were in preparation.

On the 16th, "Anhui Zhongkekezheng Automation Engineering Co., Ltd." were established and listed by the Hefei Institute of Physical Sciences, the Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Hefei Weite Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


On November 15, Hefei Academy discussed and established the “Anhui Zhongkekezheng Automation Engineering Co., Ltd.” through the cooperation of institution and enterprises.

On October 6, the director of the Institutes of Advanced Manufacturing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wang Rongchuan the National People's Congress of Anhui Province and Kong Lingcheng deputy director came to inspect the company. The general manager Zhang Ming and the deputy general manager Wang Haiyuan reported the operation of the company.The two parties jointly set up the company's relevant policies, requirements, conditions, future development plans and Director Wang gave a positive and high evaluation.

On September 15, the Secretary of Institutes of Advanced Manufacturing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences Kong Lingcheng and his team visited our company and reached an intention of cooperation between the institution and the company.

On May 15, Western Mining (headquarters) visited our company and signed a cooperation agreement on equipment technological transformation.

On January 9, the manager li of WRH Rice-Flour Noodles Company visited our company and signed a long-term agreement.


On December 16, Yunnan Kunming Iron and Steel Group the manager Li visited our company to discuss the project of automatic batching production line and reached cooperation agreement.

On October 29, the powdery emulsion explosive automatic palletizing truck jointly developed with Anhui Jiangnan Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. complied with the industrial policy of the civil explosive industry and obtained the safety acceptance evaluation report for the automatic palletizing truck loading system for powdery emulsion explosives.

On September 24,the manager Lu of Anhui Jiechen Daily Necessities Co., Ltd., visited our company and reached cooperation agreement on a laundry detergent production line and cooperated with our company.

On September 18th, US-funded enterprises sent Pyrotek (Chuzhou) New Materials Co., Ltd. to sign the second fully automatic production line packaging system and transportation system project.

On June 1, Yunnan Ruifeng Co., Ltd the manager he ,he visited the company and signed a pulp palletizing production line.

On April 22, Kebang Petrochemical Company (Lianyungang) Co., Ltd. visited the company and signed four contracts for the supply of polypropylene powder packaging production lines.

On February 13, the minister Chen of Huainan Shuntai Chemical Co., Ltd. visited our company and signed a long-term contract for supply of civilian explosive equipments and components.


On December 30, it obtained 10 utility model patent certificates issued by the SIPO.

On December 28, general manager Yang and deputy general manager Hu of Nantong Ming Yu New Material Technology Co.General Manager visited our company and formally signed the contract of“new material- high temperature glass automated batching and conveying production line”.

On December 21, US-funded enterprises sent Pyrotek (Chuzhou) New Materials Co., Ltd., Hu visited to our company to inspect. On December 20,both formally signed a new materia of fully automated conveying, batching, and packaging production line.

On November 20, the installation and commissioning of Jiangnan Chemical's “No-personnel operational palletizing production line” was completed, and the entire line was successfully put into operation.

On August 16, it officially signed a clean energy and polypropylene packaging project with Jiangsu Shanjun Clean Energy Co., Ltd.

On July 15, the company officially signed a cooperation agreement to assume the details of the equipments for the “No-personnel operational palletizing production line”.

On June 21, Ningguo Branch of Anhui Jiangnan Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. agreed with the project of “No-personnel operational palletizing production line”after the agreement of relevant departments and the Ministry of Industry and Information Security.The branch wanted to study this project with Hefei Kezhegn Automation Engineering Co,Ltd.

On March 11, Hefei Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau iapproved registration and formally established "Hefei Kezheng Automation Engineering Co., Ltd."

On January 15, the former general manager of Hefei Weite Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Zhang Ming, deputy general manager Wang Haiyuan, the shareholders discussed and adopted the preparation for the establishment of "Hefei Kezheng Automation Engineering Co., Ltd."